Why is blogging so important for businesses and corporations, anyways? As of now, they are a bit daring and the return on investment is unclear. But static websites are not as effective. Not engaging. Not fun. Because they are, well, static.

Blogging, in essence, is contributing to a conversation. A conversation that’s happening with or without your input. Well-executed business blogs create more connections, word-of-mouth information and increase positivity towards the business. Sharpie’s corporate blog is one of my favorites, with its modern design, short entries and art from sharpie customers. It’s energetic, modern and fun

But what about internal communications blogs? Blogging may seem like lots of work for internal communications, but it’s a great way to showcase all the resources at employees’ fingertips. Instead of a static intranet page with links to various topics, a blog format is always changing and highlighting conferences, benefit package changes, professional development opportunities and employee stories. Internal blogs for a specific department or team revitalizes conversation among employees about the benefits of working for their company and opportunities for their growth.

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