Tis the season for giving thanks!

Make sure you include those who contribute to your happiness, productivity and success at work. A simple, quick gesture to express your gratitude to those in your business life strengthens these relationships immeasurably.

Hand written notes are treasured, so if you want to stand out—or if you feel that the person deserves special recognition—this is the best route. Emails are also greatly appreciated (or an e-card, pictured above), so if you don’t have time to write and mail one, go digital. I don’t think that the way you send the note matters too much, it just matters that you send it.

Here are a few tips for expressing your gratitude in the best way possible:

  1. Be Genuine & Specific. Thank them for something very concrete—their efforts and insight on a project or their support during a difficult time, for example.
  2. Be Personal. Each note can be wildly different depending on the person. Some colleagues or clients may appreciate a very formal note, while others may find a full-out joke more meaningful. Writing a specific and highly personal note is the best way to express your appreciation for the other person’s unique qualities—and strengthen your business relationship.
  3. Mix up the Language. If you constantly send notes saying the same thing, such as “Thanks for your insight.” or cliches, like “It was a pleasure to work with you,” they will be perceived as tired or, worse, fake. Aim to use slightly different language every time you write a thank you note or compliment someone. This way, it will always sound fresh, not canned.
  4. Don’t Reserve for Once a Year. The Holiday season is a great time to write a note expressing your gratitude, but make sure it’s not the only time you do so throughout the year. Try to consistently send notes solely for the purpose of complimenting, recognizing achievement or thanking for a job well done—these messages shouldn’t be slipped into other messages regarding tasks or requests. Writing a thank you note once per year is great, but once every quarter is even better!

I also want to thank you for reading my blog posts and following me on social media. Whether you’ve been doing so for a few weeks or a few years, I’m very, very grateful. I wish you a very happy start to the 2013 Holiday season!

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