Inbound marketing and content creation are pretty important terms right now. What’s all the buzz about?

To put it simply, inbound marketing is the new mode for businesses to promote and market products and services. Content creation is the act of building up the materials for an inbound marketing campaign.

The old way of marketing—also known as outbound marketing–includes advertising, cold calling, direct mail, etc. Businesses use these promotional communications to direct their message at prospects. In this day in age, this isn’t working as well as it used to (think of those coupons you get in the mail that go straight into the trash).

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is marketing that prospects opt to receive and is usually digital. For example, you may subscribe to a business’ blog or like them on Facebook. All of the subsequent information, stories, and promotions (note: these are all considered “content”) that you receive over time strengthen your relationship with that business, making you more likely to do buy their products or services.

As an individual consumer, I find the shift towards inbound marketing incredibly exciting. I enjoy engaging with businesses online. For example, I follow a few of my favorite brands on Instagram and love how this gives me a glimpse into their processes and philosophies. I enjoy engaging with this type of marketing much, much more than a sales pitch or a tv ad.

As a writer and editor, I’m also very excited by this trend. Content is crucial to all inbound marketing campaigns. Without high-quality, interesting content, consumers won’t elect to receive the marketing. Businesses all want to demonstrate their thought leadership and innovative processes with great articles, world-class blogs, and clever videos.

Just a few years ago, I saw businesses focus on just getting content out there to see if sharing content digitally could help marketing efforts. Now, it’s clear: inbound marketing really works. But this leads to a new question and challenge—How can a business shape it’s content to stand out? 

My perspective? Content has to be high in quality and multifaceted. Blogs, videos, SEO, email marketing, etc.—all elements are important and useful. Your business just has to find the right formula for your specific brand and goals. What works for one organization may be a complete bust for another. The good news? There’s a tons of data to help track progress and areas for improvement.

Do you find inbound marketing exciting? Share your thoughts! 

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