Like many of you, I start to think about our family’s holiday card and letter at this time of the year. “Think about” being the operative words.

My family’s last name is Myers, and every year I hesitate about how to sign our holiday cards. If your last name is Williams, Thomas, or Jones, you’re in the same club. When it comes to last names that end in s, it’s hard to know how to make the name plural to represent the entire family.

Here’s my train of thought:

  • Should I sign The Myers? That isn’t right. I am signing for the whole family, not just one Myers. When greetings are from the entire family, the name needs to be plural.
  • As I write this, Word is prompting me to use The Myers’ or The Myers’s. Nope. That isn’t right either. The apostrophe makes the names possessive, and when we send greetings, the greetings are from us, not from something we own. (The Myers’s what?)
  • Should I sign The Myerses? Names and all other words that end with the sounds “s,” “sh,” “ch,” “z,” or “x” are made plural by the addition of “es.”  So, this is actually the correct choice. When greetings are from the entire family, the name needs to be plural, not possessive. However, it sounds funny to me when I say it out loud… “myerz-iz” and I hesitate to sign my cards this way.

The other option is to avoid the decision altogether by writing “Happy holidays from the Myers family.” Yes, that’s what I’ll do!

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