A Facebook friend (connect with us here!) pointed out that it’s hard to know when to use the word who vs. whom. This is definitely a common confusion, especially since we don’t say whom very often in everyday speech. If you find yourself struggling while writing, you’re not alone!

Without going into too much detail about subject and object, the best way to determine whether to use whom is if you can substitute him or her, or if these pronouns will answer the question. If him or her doesn’t sound right, stick with who. 

  • He or she = WHO 
  • Him or her = WHOM 


  • Who knows about this meeting? (He/ She knows about this meeting.) 
  • Whom did they tell about the upcoming changes? (They told him/ her.)
  • Anyone who has some experience with this topic should share their knowledge. (He/ She should share.)
  • This is the expert whom I mentioned earlier. (I mentioned him/ her.)

Is there another grammatical issue that you find confusing? Please share!


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