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We are a hard-working, energetic team that is passionate about creating successful healthcare content.

We aim to engage, inform, and inspire your readers—and strengthen your brand—with every word.

Grace Martin, Founder

Grace Martin has been writing for a living since 2010. Her passion for creating clear, impactful, and inspiring content for patients—as well as working closely with physicians to communicate their competitive differentiators—led her to work exclusively with healthcare organizations.

Highly inquisitive, organized, and tenacious, she is known for thinking strategically about big-picture content goals—and also sweating the details (like em dash versus en dash).

  • Master’s degree, Modern and Contemporary Literatures, University of York

  • Bachelor’s degree, English, University of Notre Dame

Catherine Myers, Project Manager and Technical Writer

A former chemical engineer and quality supervisor for a medical device company, Catherine Myers brings a wealth of experience in systems, processes, and technical writing to our team. She enjoys making complex medical information clear and accessible, as well as speaking with patients and sharing their stories. And she loves a good Gantt chart.

  • Master’s degree, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of St. Thomas

  • Bachelor’s degree, Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Elena Bartzen, Writer and Editor

A trained librarian and former middle school librarian, Elena Bartzen is an expert at crafting patient-friendly, inspiring content. (She knows the eighth-grade reading level well.) Her warm, journalistic writing style ensures that all copy—from bus ad copy to physician features—engages its audience.

  • Master’s degree, Applied Languages and Literacy Education, University of Cape Town

  • Master’s degree, Library and Information Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Bachelor’s degree, English Literature and Secondary Education, St. Mary’s College

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Why Lexington Writing Firm?

  1. Our team’s different professional backgrounds, skills, and writing styles ensure a great final product.

  2. We understand how impactful clear, informative, and compassionate copy can be for a healthcare organization. We approach every project by carefully understanding the specific audience.

  3. We enjoy working with healthcare professionals. We are skilled at talking with smart people with complex jobs—and then learning and communicating their competitive differentiators. 

  4. We value and respect the patient experience. We love telling patient’s stories! We also understand that they need clear, reliable, and compassionate writing when making healthcare decisions.

  5. Our organizational skills will help get projects done quickly and efficiently.

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