Our approach: Partner with clients to strengthen their position in the competitive healthcare marketplace.

Organizations throughout the US have trusted Lexington Writing Firm with their content creation, strategic planning, and project management. We work with:

  • Academic medical centers

  • Hospitals and health systems

  • Medical and dentistry schools

  • Specialty clinics

  • Health nonprofits

  • Medical device companies

Our team of talented writers, editors, and strategists works together on all projects.

We collaborate with clients. 

We know that all content, from bus ad copy to a physician biography, is an opportunity to build trust and prove your expertise.

We work closely with clients to understand competitive differentiators and the unique value they bring to patients. Our team then creates warm, clear content designed to engage a specific audience and strengthen your organization’s brand.

We empower patients with every word.

Patients have many options for their care. And searching for clear, reliable healthcare information can be emotional, difficult, and confusing. This understanding guides every word that we write.

We produce accurate, understandable, and rich content that is not just patient friendly, but also assuring, informative—and empowering.

Why Lexington Writing Firm?

  1. We understand the unique demands of healthcare. Our clients benefit from our many years of experience writing and editing for top-tier healthcare organizations.

  2. We have a track record of success with clients, many of whom are long term.

  3. Our team’s different professional backgrounds, skills, and writing styles ensure a great final product.

  4. We are skilled and experienced at talking with smart people with complex jobs—and then learning and communicating their competitive differentiators. 

  5. We value and respect the patient experience. We love telling patient’s stories! We also understand that they need clear, reliable, and compassionate writing when making healthcare decisions.

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